About Us

The Business:

Untamed perspective is a small business dedicated to creating unique and artistic furniture pieces.  Our mission is to find old, neglected, and worn pieces of furniture and décor and to give them a fresh new look and a second life for someone’s home. Our name “Untamed Perspective” is exactly what we have and exactly what we do. A pile of wood sitting on the side of the road or a busted table in the back of a thrift store to the untamed eye becomes a beautiful top for a reclaimed dresser or a lovely end table for a home. While most people desire brand new shiny objects and may not be able to see past the dust and splintered wood, we hunt for battered, beaten, and forgotten pieces. We glorify the natural age of the piece and give it a new type of beauty through artistic redesign.

The Artists:

We are originally a scientist and a mathematician both pushing forward down fast-paced, high-stress, and well-respected career paths. Yet we both found ourselves feeling somewhat unfulfilled, like there was some part of our brains and souls left untapped and unexplored. And then one day it all became crystal clear. We had pressed so deeply into differential equations and chemical structures that somewhere along the way we had forgotten how to dream or at least we had smothered impractical dreams and followed paths with certain futures and logical conclusions. God had given us talents that we were simply ignoring. Our perspective on life had been so narrowly focused that we were missing the beauty and the opportunities that were surrounding us. So we made a vow- to each other and to everyone we loved to never say it’s impossible or it can’t be done, to open our eyes to the world around us, to embrace the impractical and different, to never let fear or doubt stand in the way of our dreams, to allow ourselves to enjoy all of the little moments and small things, and to never let our perspective on life be tamed again.