• Before + After

    Today I wanted to share with you some pictures of our furniture transformations. I know if you guys are like me then that’s all you really want to see anyways- Before then After. To be honest when I watch the DIY network- I simply record the entire hour long show and watch the first and last five minutes of the show (skipping 50 minutes of commercials and Blah Blah this is such hard work and so expensive and the interior decorator has to change her dream to fit the budget stuff. Thank goodness for DVR). I don’t care about the in between parts. Unfortunately, this gives me unrealistic expectations about the amount of effort it takes to remodel a home, but I digress… Let’s get on with the before and after pictures!

    This was my first Untamed Perspective project. I did an entire blog post about it before, but I love this because it really defines what we do and our vision. We take unusable pieces of furniture and try to figure out how to make them functional and desirable again! In this case, with a little bit of elbow grease and a Skil-Saw we created a dresser and storage cabinet from a single TV armoire.






    This next piece was our first ever upholstery project. I absolutely died over this fabric. The colors in this chair just screamed at me! This fabric is SO me! Soft shades of blues and tan with a creamy frame- Ooo La La. This chair was so much fun to do. I remember seeing the chair in the store and Pam (of Wild Heart Studios) said, “Let’s learn to upholster.” Sure… piece of cake??? I bought the chair headed straight to the fabric store and found my dreamy fabric (which was a more expensive fabric than I should have bought for my first ever upholstery project, but I.LOVED.IT), and we got straight to work. Truthfully, I was learning to upholster (NOT PAM- she has decades of sewing experience so upholstery was second nature to her). I spent hours trying to wrap my head around words and phrases like “Pattern matching”, “Railroading”, “Right Sides Together”, “Work with the Bias”. And as if that wasn’t enough throw in some coil spring tying and Pam’s 28 step process to making piping that is “oh so easy” (haha). Anyways, it was tons of fun to do this project and I LOVED how it turned out. I was ecstatic when Paul (of University Pickers) told me this chair sold to a pregnant lady. I mean- I had always envisioned this chair in a light and dreamy nursery, so maybe just maybe it will end up there J.



    This next one wasn’t a major transformation. This depression style chest of drawers was in good shape, so all it needed was a good paint job! I am not a huge fan of waterfall furniture, but I liked this guy for some reason. I think I liked the diamond in the center of the two drawers, so I really wanted to highlight that feature. Plus geometric styles are very IN right now (diamonds, stripes, and there is a MAJOR chevron craze- as if all of you didn’t already know that).

    Valley Falls Before and After

    And the last one for today is a double “after” feature. It is a simple desk transformed into a “pretty painted piece of furniture” that then got a second face lift and new function. I mean… I’m thinking desks just aren’t popular pieces of furniture anymore. With laptops, I-pads, I-phones, I-lives (literally) no one sits at a desk unless they are at work, so I figured although in my opinion the Sadie Springs Desk was quite lovely- I thought it would be GLORIOUS as a kitchen island. This was not our first kitchen island project, but I wanted to end the post with this piece. Basically, if at first you don’t succeed change everything and start over (right?).




    Thanks for reading. I hope you liked all of our before and after furniture transformations. More to come soon!