• Champs Élysées Upholstered Chair Before + After

    You may remember the before picture of the Champs Élysées chair… it was the very first picture we posted to our Untamed Perspective Facebook Timeline back in April of 2012.  Kristian bought me this chair at a thrift store way back then and it has sat in my office ever since.  Upholstery intimidates me so I kept coming up with other things to do rather than upholster this chair.  This summer I found some amazing fabric and I knew I had to have it for this chair regardless of the price (way more than I’ve ever spent on fabric).  And even after all the excitement of finding fabric, the chair still sat in my office for 6 more months.  Well I finally got the courage to tackle it and I’m so glad I did. 


    I’m thinking that winter is just not the time to use Citristrip.  I spent one cold night trying to strip down this chair and it essentially did nothing at all.  I thought the original wood tone was beautiful, but I wanted something lighter to go with the fabric.  The stain was still too dark to get the look I wanted.  Then out of the blue in this nasty January weather, we had a beautiful sunny Sunday that Kristian and I spent up at Wild Heart Ranch with Pam.  I tried the Citristrip again and the “stain” started peeling off… a.k.a. this beautiful wood stain was actually paint to look like stain.  Fooled me.


    I absolutely love the weathered gray of the wood frame.  It is exactly what I had in my mind.  And I love how perfectly it goes with the French script fabric.  I couldn’t be happier and now I’m wondering what took me so long to do it!  In case you didn’t already know, I named this chair after the one of the most famous, luxurious streets in Paris, Champs Élysées because that’s how this chair makes me feel – luxurious! 











    I hope someone else can fall in love with this chair just like I did!  Thanks for reading!