• Empire on Fire

    Tori and I have watched many an empire dresser slip through our hands at antique auctions. We hang in there until the bidding price gets R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S! We finally won our first empire dresser and it is quite beautiful (I mean really, really quite beautiful), BUT it is for Tori’s home- not the booth. So the hunt for a beautiful and reasonably priced empire dresser continued for a while longer.


    Finally, I happened upon an empire dresser in a store. The price was right and the piece was in good shape, so I snagged that baby up and took her home to get to work. Tori and I have noticed that I tend to gravitate toward darker colored furniture while she sticks to the lighter colors (Yin and Yang Right!). We both decided to try a piece or two in the other’s color zone! So this was my piece to step out of my color comfort zone with, and I was pumped about it. I even mixed my own paint color at home to get the PERFECT creamy shade.

    The first thing I did was remove the veneer top to expose the natural wood on this piece, and then I sanded everything down. My husband helped quite a bit with this process, because I was afraid my lungs were filling up with sand dust last weekend from all of the wood I was sanding. The wood on this empire piece had a red-tone to it, but I really didn’t notice it too much (yet).

    I evenly applied the first coat of my beautimous creamy white paint and I went inside while it dried. My garage is really dark at night, so I couldn’t tell how I felt about the color just yet. The next morning, I went out and saw that my creamy white color was splotched with pink. The red color of the wood was seeping through the paint. No big deal right? I’ve never painted with such a light color, so maybe it just takes a couple of extra coats to get the right color and perfect look. I added coat 2, coat 3, and coat 4. Aaaaah! After coat four the red was still bleeding through. Even though we live in Alabama, I don’t think I will be able to sell the empire dresser with the current pink and white Camouflage combo. No need to panic. I just need to move onto plan B. Plan B= call Pam and do what she tells me to fix it! So after a bit of discussion, Pam decided all I needed to do was get the handy dandy primer and slap on a coat of that. Problem is I’m stubborn, so for about 24 hours I avoided going to get the primer and searched for a short-cut solution. I knew in my heart (before I ever even called Pam) that this was probably my next step of action, but man did I hope there was going to be a better solution. So finally, I applied the lovely primer to the whole piece. And guess what?

    Nope you guessed wrong. My problems are not solved! The primer was not a magical solution. Red is still bleeding through! So now it is time for Plan C. I’ll let you know how it turns out. But I’m really thinking this piece is telling me it Does. Not. want to be creamy white! I hope Tori has an easier time stepping over to the Dark Side! Wish me luck!