• Jamestown Farmhouse Hutch | Before + After

    I am new to auctions. They. Make. Me. Nervous. Sure they’re also lots of fun when you find good stuff, but my goodness do they give me anxiety! I think part of my anxiety comes from being in the south- auctioneers are hard to understand anyway, top that with a thick Southern accent and I have no clue what they’re saying! My husband loves it. I swear he thinks he’s on Storage Wars, which also makes me nervous because I’m afraid he won’t stop. Anyway, Devin, Kristian and I sat through 3 hours of auctioning off food [you read right – crackers, frozen chicken, expired Doritos, etc.] before they made their way to this beautiful hutch.

    The hutch wasn’t in bad shape when we got it – the doors were cracked and I ended up rebuilding them.  I actually didn’t mind the red either.  I think it really brought out the reds in the reclaimed wood backing, but what’s the fun in buying a piece and not doing anything to it? 


    My trusty Citristrip didn’t do anything to the paint this time and I ended up sanding it all off!


    I ended up picking a neutral white for the Jamestown Hutch and heavily distressing it, more so than I’m used to, but I love the way it turned out.  The reclaimed wood stands out so much more against the white.  I went with barn-style brackets for the hardware to give this hutch a country, farmhouse look.






    I love the way it turned out and wish that I could keep it, but the Jamestown Hutch is currently for sale in our booth at University Pickers for $495 located at 3024C University Drive in Huntsville, AL.

    Thanks for reading!

  • brian ezras dad

    looks awesome