• Pickers Like it Dirty

    SO unless you haven’t visited our Facebook Page in a long, long time then you all know that we are extremely excited about the Grand Opening of University Pickers this Saturday January 5th! I wanted to share a bit of our journey that led up to this wonderful opportunity with all of you guys!

    About 6 months ago we decided to get our first antique booth together with Wild Heart Studios. We were crazy apprehensive about whether or not our pieces would sell, and if the antique booth route was even a good venue for us. But hey- we knew it would be a HUGE step up from keeping things in our workshops, so we thought we’d give it a try!

    Just in the few first days of being in our booth- we knew we had made the RIGHT decision. We were truly blessed at the first antique booth we had at the Antique Market, and honestly we couldn’t believe the response we got from people- they actually LIKED our stuff! I mean MY personal style has always been a little bit of a mish mash, and I try to push decorating limits in my own home- BUT to try to get others to embrace OUR style… I REALLY wasn’t sure how it would go!

    A few months into our journey we received an e-mail from a “mysterious lady” opening a BRAND new antique store recruiting us to be a part of her dream team. Tori immediately emailed me… “What do you think about this?” and I responded, “Definitely a SCAM of some sort.” Tori wrote back, “That was my gut reaction TOO!!” First of all- who would recruit US… I mean people liked our stuff at our booth BUT to be part of an ELITE antique team- I mean c’mon… ridiculous right?!? Soo… we shared this scam news with our husbands, and they demanded to see the email (due to our continued lack of confidence and smidge of paranoia- they don’t always trust our judgment). The Husbands were in agreement that we were overreacting and WRONG about this antique venue invite. So we set up a meeting with the “mystery antique store owners”. And man o man we were SO wrong about the “scam”!

    And so we were introduced to and initiated into UNIVERSITY PICKERS. Paul and Katherine (previously known as mystery antique store owners) are down to earth and adorable. They have BIG dreams, and you can count on them to follow through! If they say they are “going to do it” or they “would like such and such to happen”- believe me they are going to MAKE it happen (and FAST!). They have recruited a wonderful conglomeration of talented people for their store. They have amazing vision and drive, and WE are so thankful and humbled that they have included US in their vision.

    Anyways… If you haven’t visited their Facebook page or their brand spankin’ new website, then you really should! University pickers is going to have something for EVERY style… eclectic, rustic, traditional, modern, contemporary, industrial…I mean seriously you name it- they have it. We really hope you will come out and support your LOCAL artists this Saturday January 5th.

    Hope to see you there! In the meantime, here are some sneak peeks of some of our new stuff! Thanks for reading.