• Two-Toned Office Desk Makeover

    Well I started this office makeover back in October. You can read part one here.

    I’ve been done with my husband’s desk for months, but I just recently (two weeks ago) got the office tidy enough to snap a nice picture of the completed desk. Actually I had my husband take the pictures, because I am a horrible photographer and all of the pictures I take look like I am sprinting with the camera while capturing the shot!

    Step one on this desk was to cut out the center drawer. We are a very long-legged family and that drawer was cutting into some very valuable leg room. It was actually very simple to cut out the drawer with a jig-saw, and then I just had to sand it down to get a nice smooth curve.


    Step two was to paint the hardware. I’m not crazy about this old fashioned hardware- and I may change it in the near future, but it will work for now.

    Finally, it was time for the bulk of the work. The desk originally had a very shiny orange finish. I wanted to keep the top of the desk wood. BUT It WAS NOT easy to strip off the shellac. Actually, my handy dandy citri-strip barely touched it. I had toyed with the idea of stripping the entire desk down to bare wood, but when it took multiple coats of citri-strip for the top- I quickly canned that idea! I decided to go for the “en vogue” two-toned look on this L-shaped desk. I painted the drawers and base in a lovely foggy grey, and I stained the top a rich chocolate color. The bonus of a wooden top is that I don’t have to worry about it getting scratched or banged up. I think it really updated the look of the desk, and my husband LOVES the extra legroom. Hope you guys like it!


    We’ve got more exciting furniture makeovers in the works! Have a great week!